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Press coverage: Conference "From the Iron Curtain to the Schengen Area"

The Austrian daily paper "Der Standard" reported in its print edition of 05 October 2011 about the conference "From the Iron Curtain to the Schengen Area". This international conference was organised by the LBI EHP, the Historical Commision of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and held in Vienna from 28 to 30 October 2011.

The article, titled "Das Welken der Mauerblümchen" (The withering of the wallflowers) can be found here (only available in German). 

Medien.Messe.Migration, Talk 2

27.09.2011 - 11:40
27.09.2011 - 12:00

In the course of the symposium for intercultural communication Medien.Messe.Migration, Christiane Hintermann talks with Hernan Villamizar from Latino TV on the topic 'Representation of migrants in Austrian school books of the last 30 years'.

Venue: Wiener Stadthalle, Vogelweidplatz 14, 1150 Wien, Halle F, 1st floor, room 3.

Book review

The Vienna city newspaper "Falter" gave a review on the books

Stefanie Mayer/Mikael Spång (Eds.): Debating Migration. Political Discourses on Labor Immigration in Historical Perspective
Studies in European History and Public Spheres, vol. 1


Christiane Hintermann/Christina Johansson (Eds.): Migration and Memory. Representations of Migration in Europe since 1960
Studies in European History and Public Spheres, vol. 3

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Museum for Migrants

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“Does Austria need a museum of migration?” “How are migration histories depicted in migration museums and specialized exhibitions?” These are some of the questions raised and discussed in 'Museum for Migrants' broadcasted within the science programme Dimensionen on Ö1 by the Austrian radio on 25 November 2010. It is based on lectures presented at the international conference “Museum und Migration” and held at the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna in November 2010 and on interviews with the presenters and organizers.

Guest commentary

by Christiane Hintermann and Rainer Ohliger in the Austrian daily newspaper "Die Presse" from 14 December 2010. This article is related to the international conference “Museum und Migration" which was held in November 2010 in Vienna. The article is available in German language as a pdf (70 KB).

About Rainer Ohliger: He works as a historian and social scientist in Berlin. In 2001 he founded the network 'Migration in Europe' and is since then its chairman. His research interests include international migration, inter-ethnic relations as well as issues of museum representation of minorities.

Press coverage

of Christiane Hintermann's work on migration in Austrian textbooks, based on a press release of the APA (Austria Press Agency):

Presse, 20 September 2010

Salzburger Volkszeitung, 21 September 2010


with Christiane Hintermann on 26 July 2010 for the online version of the newspaper 'Standard'. Topics: the collective memory of Austrians and the contents of Austrian schoolbooks.


in Czech of "Hranice probíhají vodním tokem. Odrazy historie ve vnímání obyvatel Gmündu a Českých Velenic" by Tereza Kozlová in Pátek Magazin LN. 25. února 2010 in the context of a themed issue on Czech/Austrian relations, see

Documentary Film

Muriel Blaive acted as consultant for the documentary film "Sur la route du Rideau de fer", directed by Anne Poiret for France 5. Film length 52 minutes. November 2009. See


with Muriel Blaive in French at Radio Prague in October 2009. Topic: "Le quotidien Lidové noviny ne lâche pas l'affaire Kundera", see