Final Report 2012/2013

Dear colleagues and friends of our institute,

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres was closed on 31 May 2013. We would like to thank all cooperation partners, interested guests and participants in regards to our research projects for their support and valuable assistance. It has been a pleasure to work with you. We are grateful for all constructive discussions at the seminar series, at conferences, workshops and book presentations.

Our successful work during 2012 and the first five months of 2013 is reflected in our  final report which we are delighted to present.

Information on our previous scientific activities since the founding of the institute can be retrieved in the archive section of the website.

Media Reports regarding Convention 'Hat (nichts) mit mir zu tun!' [Has (nothing) to do with me!]

Media coverage regarding the upcoming cooperation with the Ministry of Education in order to develop a guide for textbook authors and reviewers (available in German language only): 

LBI for European History and Public Spheres

How should contemporary history of Europe be researched and written?

Can we still rely on the well-known national narratives of past generations in order to understand present-day Europe and its place in a globalized world?

These are only two among the leading questions motivating the activities of the LBI for European History and Public Spheres (LBI EHP). It aims at contributing to a multi-perspective and transnational historiography of Europe based on empirical, source based, and interdisciplinary research projects.