Conference 'War Children'

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The event is sponsored by the following institutions:


Conference organizers:

Dr. Machteld Venken, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres and
Dr. Maren Röger, German Historical Institute Warsaw



Thursday, 13 December


Welcome notes

Mag. Claudia Lingner, Managing Director of the
Ludwig Boltzmann-Gesellschaft

Prof. Dr. Bogusɬaw Dybaś, Director of the Polish
Academy of Sciences

Dr. habil. Ruth Leiserowitz, Research Director of the
German Historical Institute in Warsaw


Maren Röger and Machteld Venken 


Keynote I

Tara Zahra: The Lost Children. Reconstructing
Europe´s Families After World War II

 11:00-13:00 Panel I: Comparing child experiences in East and West

 13:00-14:30 Lunch
 14:30-17:00 Panel II: Competition for war children I: Nationalization

 18:30 Dinner

Friday, 14 December


Keynote II

Bengt Sandin: The war time experience – neutrality -
and building of welfare for children in Sweden

 11:00-13:00 Panel III: Competition for war children II:
International framework

 13:00-14:30 Lunch

 14:30-17:30 Panel IV: Perpetrators' children - child


Keynote III – Public Lecture

Joanna Michlic: What Does A Child Remember?
The Recollections of the War and the Early
Post-War Period Amongst Child Survivors From Poland


 Walking Dinner

Saturday, 15 December


 Panel V: War Children and Religion


Panel VI: Patterns of Cultural Remembrance in East
and West


Final Remarks

Maren Röger and Machteld Venken