Inge Eriksson, 2007-2008


born 1959

Research Interests

The main focus of my research interests is political culture. My approach combines some functionalist elements with spatial and temporal concepts. I want to argue that local settings are very important in order to explain and understand how political cultures evolve and change on the one hand, and how they are remembered and reconstructed locally on the other. Local studies can create a more complex and dynamic picture of, and deeper knowledge on, processes of change, the development of the welfare society and integration processes if they consciously work with more than just two levels i.e. the local and the national.

Education and Scientific Work

1985-1986, 1992-1995: Studies in History, Central- and East European studies and Economic History
1995: Accepted as Doctoral student in History at Lund University
1998: Employed part time as expert at Malmö University, to work with the construction and running of European Studies
Since 2000: Employed as Full Time University lecturer in European Studies with a historical orientation, Malmö University
2003-2005: Teacher and coordinator at International Programme for European Studies
2006: Head of European Studies at Malmö University
Spring 2007: On leave for research in relation to my Doctoral Thesis (Preliminary title of the project: The spatiality and temporality of political culture in a local setting – The case of Bromölla 1900-2000)


Over the years I have been teaching at the Historical department in Lund (Nationalism and ethnicity, International History), The department for East- and central European studies in Lund ( The history of Soviet Union and its successor states, Russian History) and above all at Malmö University. I have been part of the construction and development of European Studies with a historical focus. I have also been part of the development of theme studies in the first semester of the IPES program, constructing themes such as Revolutionary Modern, The 1930: s and 1968. I have also been supervising students in their earlier essay projects on several occasions, and led essay seminars every semester since 2001.


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