Fredrik Lindström, Mitglied des Boards von 2007-2009

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Born 3 July 1965

Main research interest
Research on modern European history: special interest in nationalism and empires, multinational states and identity questions, historical culture and memory culture, biography, Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Research on the late Habsburg Empire and the question of the influence of the imperial experience on elite culture and identities in Vienna. Also research on Austrian historical culture and the memory of the Holocaust. Special interest in European regionalism and the concept of ‘region’.

Academic positions
Project coordinator research project Encounter with Strangers: Migration – Xenophobia – Populism, Dept. of History, Lund University (1993-1995)
Project coordinator research project Europe of the Regions, Dept. of History, Lund University (1994-1997)
Doctoral studies position, Dept. of History, Lund University (1997-2001)
Expert in the planning of European Studies, Malmö University (1998-1999)
Researcher in the research project The Holocaust and European Historical Culture, Dept. of History, Lund University (2002-2006)
Guest researcher at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Vienna University (2003-2004)
Director of Studies of the Swedish National Research School in History (2004-2006)
Senior Lecturer in European Studies and Head of European Studies, Malmö University (2007-)

Project affiliations
Encounter with Strangers: Migration – Xenophobia – Populism – Participant in inter-disciplinary project led by Prof. Göran Rystad (1993-1995)
Europe of the Regions – Participant in inter-disciplinary project led by Prof. Sven Tägil, Lund University (1994-1999)
The Holocaust and European Historical Culture – Participant in European comparative research project in History led by Prof. Klas-Göran Karlsson (2002-2006)

Dept. of History, Lund University: Courses on Nationalism, International Relations, Modern Identities, European Integration; Supervision of BA- and MA- theses (1995-2003)
European Studies/School of Ethnic Relations and International Migration, Malmö University: Courses on European Integration, European Identity, Multidisciplinary Theories, History of International Relations; Supervision of BA-theses (2001-2003, 2007-2008)
Dept. of Slavonic Studies, Lund University: Course in Central-European history (1997-1998)

Selected publications

Fredrik Lindström, “Nationalist without a Cause. A Political Biographical Approach to Hugo von Hofmannsthal.” Working Paper no.38, Dept. of East European Studies, Uppsala University, 1997.


Hans-Åke Persson & Fredrik Lindström (eds), Europa – en svårfångad historia. Malmö: Malmö University Press, 1999.


Fredrik Lindström, ”Region, Cultural Identity and Politics in the Late Habsburg Monarchy.” In Sven Tägil (ed) Regions in Central Europe – The Legacy of History, London: C. Hurst & Co., 1999.


Fredrik Lindström, ”European Studies as a field of knowledge – some theoretical, methodological and practical reflections.” Häften för Europastudier, no.5, 2002.


Fredrik Lindström, ”Regionernas Europa: en europeisk brytpunkt mellan politisk funktionalitet och kulturell identitet,” i Hans-Åke Persson & Håkan Arvidsson (eds), Europeiska brytpynkter, Malmö: Malmö University Press, 2003.


Fredrik Lindström, ”Ernest von Koerber and the Austrian State Idea. A Reinterpretation of the Koerber Plan (1900-1904).” Austrian History Yearbook (35) 2004.


Fredrik Lindström, “First Victim? Austrian Historical Culture and the Holocaust.” Klas-Göran Karlsson & Ulf Zander (eds), The Holocaust - Post-War Battlefields: Genocide as Historical Culture. Lund: Sekel Förlag, 2006.


Fredrik Lindström, Empire and Identity: Six Lives and Careers in the Habsburg Political and Intellectual Elite, West Lafayette, Ind: Purdue University Press, 2008.