ZMI Giessen, Partnerschaft von 2005-2008

The 'Zentrum fuer Medien und Interaktivitaet' at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen (ZMI) is devoted to application and practice oriented basic research on issues involving the role of the media. Core topics are the concept of interactivity and the manifold ways in which interactive digital media impact on society, politics, economy, culture and science. Five sections with scientists and researchers recruited from a large number of specialist areas, ranging from computer linguistics to the legal and social sciences and applied dramatics, link up to form a research network. At the moment research focuses on interactive scientific communication in the digital media. The basis for this in empirical and experimental terms are the thematically diverse interactive platforms of the ZMI. The ZMI’s partners are university and non-university research and educational institutions, foundations, political and administrative institutions, media and other private-sector corporations in Germany and abroad.

ZMI - Zentrum für Medien und Interaktivitaet